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King Classic

At 88% efficiency (82% HHV) the King is the most efficient wood stove in the world. This allows you to get the most heat out of your wood to reduce your heating costs. The King has the largest and deepest firebox of any stove on the market and is for serious wood burners. This stove […]

Boxer 24

The BX24 Boxer is very clean and efficient. Performance is balanced to deliver a greater amount of radiant heat through the large glass door. Blaze King offers the highest efficiencies and cleanest burns available. Dimensions Width 30 1⁄8″ Height 39 ½” Depth 26 13⁄16″ Weight 500 lbs / 226.8kg) Flue Diameter 6″ / 152.4mm

Ashford 30.2

The Ashford 30.2 has a beautiful Cast Iron body which is available in painted metallic black, cast gray, and chestnut gloss enamel. As with the Sirocco 30.2 and the Chinook 30.2, the Ashford 30.2 uses a clean burning firebox at 0.8 gr/hour. At 2.9 cu.ft. the firebox is large and capable of burning for up […]

Boston 1700

Features Side air damper rod stays cool to the touch. Single, easy-to-use draft control to easily regulate fire. Dual action door latch is laser cut and chrome plated with a wooden handle. Ultra strong air wash to keep glass clean. 3 x 1″ 304 grade stainless steel secondary air tubes. Brick-lined firebox with 6″ flute. […]