Standard Features: Ash Pan, Load Door, Glass View Door, 3 Piece Cast Iron Grate System, 2000o Refractory Brick, Poker Tool

Matte Finishes: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Honey Glow Brown, Metallic Brown, Golden Fire Brown

Options: Bi-Metal Thermostat, 125 cfm Blower, Domestic Water Coil, Brass Door Trim, Side Shields w/Brass Trim, Dial-a-Temp Reostat for Blower

Venting Options: Masonry, Class A

Fuel: Nut or Pea Coal

Hopper Capacity: 35 lbs. Applies to model with hopper

BTU Output: 15,000 to 100,000

*Heating Capacity: Up to 3000 sq. ft.

Hieght to Top of Flue Opening: 28 3/4

Flue Size: 6 inch

Weight (lbs)

Height (in)

Width (in)

Depth (in)

420 33 26 23


Kodiak With Hopper or Screen


Kodiak Technical Data

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