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The Alaska Company has been designing and constructing reliable solid fuel residential heating solutions for over 40 years. Located in the scenic town of Bloomsburg, Pensylvania, Alaska Stove continues to be innovative and insightful. All our stoves are manufactured at this location making them American Made.

Alaska Stove offers customers access to several of our exclusive enhancement systems. We have the Clean Glass System and the Auto-Heat System. Another benefit is the ability to use the Alaska Stainless Steel Power Venter which can be used on any Alaska Stoker Stove and the Alaska Direct Vent System.

We also carry one of the most comprehensive warranty packages, including 10 year Body/Workmanship, 1 year Electrical, and 2 year Feed System Warranties.

NEW! The Alaska Stoker Stove II

Stoker Stove 2The dependable and affordable Alaska Stoker Stove II is back and proving once again that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Alaska Stove Quality to keep your family and home warm and comfortable! Without question, our many design upgrades make this proven Alaska Stoker Stove II your best-value choice to efficiently heat with rice coal.

And there has never been a better time to move away from expensive fuels and to the efficient, coal burning Stoker Stove II. You can finally be warm while saving money on heating — savings that can continue year after year. Like all Alaska Stove products, Stoker Stove II is a well constructed heating appliance, an exceptional value and the right choice for an excellent return on your heating system investment.

Call your Alaska Stove Dealer today to see the exceptional value of a quality Alaska heating system. Let our experience help you experience the comfort, confidence and savings of an Alaska Stove. We think you’ll agree that Alaska Stove Company quality is affordable.

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How to purchase an Alaska Stove

All Alaska Stoves are Proudly Made in America!

Made in the USA

Alaska Company does not sell directly to the public. We do not have factory direct or internet sales. We have an extensive dealer network who would be happy to quote you on one of our products.

Please use the ‘contact us’ button at the top of the page & request information on a dealer in your area!  Dealer inquiries are also invited.